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Walk Creative has a long history with the Australian Radio Network.  


We manage the network’s music and content audience research (using our Wavelength platform) and provide insights and analysis on both internal research as well as the industry’s GFK ratings data.

Over the years we have also worked with ARN to build internal custom tools, including the OneBrief sales briefing system that is used by all sales staff across the business. This system was fully bespoke and allows a completely customised form and workflow environment for briefing Creative and other departments on client commercial requirements.

Online Briefing System


ARN was looking for a bespoke online briefing system for their entire sales team to manage incoming briefs for Creative Writers, Promotions, Digital and Integration departments.  The OneBrief system was developed to provide a central location for all briefs, replacing over 30 separate legacy forms.

ARN Reload


The ARN Creative department wanted an easily searchable repository for "great ideas" that never made it to air.  


Utilising the Dropbox API we designed and built a clean and simple front-end that allowed all ARN staff to find material that might be useful to their client.