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  • Australian Radio Network

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Australian Radio Network

ARN are owners of major commercial radio stations in metropolitan Australian markets, including KIIS stations in Sydney and Melbourne, 973FM Brisbane, Mix102.3 Adelaide and 96FM Perth.  ARN also owns the Pure Gold FM network including WSFM Sydney, Gold104.3 Melbourne, 4KQ Brisbane and Cruise1323 Adelaide.

Online Briefing System

ARN was looking for a bespoke online briefing system for their entire sales team to manage incoming briefs for Creative Writers, Promotions, Digital and Integration departments.  The OneBrief system was developed to provide a central location for all briefs, replacing over 30 separate legacy forms.


The software has since been expanded to cover online social media bookings via iNC Digital.

ARN Reload

The ARN Creative department wanted an easily searchable repository for "great ideas" that never made it to air.  


Utilising the Dropbox API we designed and built a clean and simple front-end that allowed all ARN staff to find material that might be useful to their client.